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All our products are 100% full refund Guaranteed for any reason what so ever.

Most items are dispatched on the day of payment, within Australia delivery time is normally 2 to 3 days most overseas countries 7 – 10 days.

All our “Natural” opal products whether Solid, Doublet or triplet are cut from Rough opal that is sourced from: Cooper Pedy, Mintibie, Andamooka, Whitecliffs and the boulder opal fields.
Our “Synthetic” or “Lab-Created” lines are manufactured from High grade “Synthetic Rough” sourced from Tokyo and Hong Kong.

As supplies of Natural Opal have steadily declined, Synthetic Opal has become a popular option with many people. Firstly the distinctive colour, pattern & brightness of Synthetic Opal, by far exceeds those attributes in Natural Opal. The main consideration for many people is the cost effectiveness of Synthetic Opal. You can secure a stone of amazing colour & brilliance at a fraction of the cost of a similar stone cut from Natural Opal. This applies to larger dimension stones in particular, as Synthetic Rough can be obtained with large dimensions that simply no longer exist in the Naturally occurring rough Opal. Another reason for offering Synthetic Opal products, is to allow clients to see the obvious difference between the two options. There are many unscrupulous dealers on the web, offering Synthetic as the real thing. At Rainbowrock Opals , we see no problem at all in presenting Synthetic Opal items as an alternative as long as it is presented for exactly what it is, “Synthetic or Lab Created”. All our Synthetic Opal lines are clearly marked as such in the item Header & Description sections. All other items on the website not marked “Synthetic”, are “Genuine Natural Australian Opal”.

When you shop within the Rainbowrock Opals site, the item in the image or images is exactly the item you will receive, not similar, not close, the exact item!

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