Custom Designed

Many of our clients prefer to have something made that is truly unique. The best way to achieve that request, is to go with Gem quality Free Form Stones. Here are some examples of  custom made one off pieces that we have made.

Rainbowrock Opals can custom build any item required using our existing models as a basis for whatever the customer may require. EG. you may want ring model “5671” in white gold with a red stone where as the existing model “5671” is currently yellow gold with a green stone.

Put together your perfect piece of jewellery and we’ll provide you with a quote to build it! – start shopping now.

Custom made opal jewellery

Below are some examples of the very best Natural Opal Triplet Free Forms possible!! No one else in the trade has Triplets of this quality on a regular basis. Now & then they may fluke “one”, however to be able to supply them on a consistent basis involves considerable risk & expense. For example, the prepared block of Opal ready to go through the slicing machine below the stones, required 5 onz of rough Opal @ $4,000.00 per onz!! A total of $20,000.00 at cost. There is a very real risk involved in the slicing process & the whole cut can be reduced to Opal dust in a blink of an eye!! However when it all comes together this is the result. “Gem Plus” Quality Triplets, each one a beautiful, unique, one off, example of Nature’s Fireworks. Couple the stone to our exclusive designs & the result is a magnificent, unique Opal Jewellery Piece, impossible to Duplicate.

Custom Designed Opal Jewellery


Custom Opals




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