About Us

Rainbowrock Opals was founded in the early 1970’s. The company’s founder, Geoff Stock, left his “normal” job at 18 years of age & set up the fledgling enterprise in his fathers garage in Melbourne Australia & the first stones we cut were found while mining at White Cliffs.

Within a couple of years we had a dozen full time cutters and we predominantley were supplying loose stones to jewellery manufacturers & wholesalers worldwide. Then came retail outlets & producing our own designs to set the stones in. After about 30 hectic years & the global financial down turn the company changed direction and focused on online distribution, this change meant evolving the company with new skills and talents it provided a much healthier company that was much more flexible and scaleable. Today online sales represents the majority of our retail activities.

Our company has always been passionate about cutting Opal, we still get excited when starting work on a new parcel of rough Opal

Rainbowrock Opals is involved in all area’s of the Opal trade, from supply, cutting and wholesale to the retail sale of Opals.

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