Why Choose Rainbowrock Opals?

Customer Support

We believe in our quality products and back every item that we sell. Therefore we are happy to offer a full 100% Refund for any reason.

Quality Materials

Rainbowrock Opals Sources only the top grade and most stable rough opal from all the major Australian Opal fields. All stones come with an unprecedented Lifetime guarantee.

A World Of Colour

At Rainbowrock opals we slice the highest grade Rough Opal into our premium grade Triplets. Any other cutters would have a heart attack even contemplating what we do. $2,000/$3,000 even $4,000/Onz material we'll slice it. This results in A+ and Gem Grade premium triplets, in colours and qualities rarely seen in the trade


We manufacture and sell direct which means we offer exceptional value and we get it to you fast!

Will the item I receive be similar to the item in the image?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked, so it's important to know that when you shop within the Rainbowrock Opals site, the item in the image or images is exactly the item you will receive, not similar, not close, the exact item!

Shipping costs

This site is totally free of All Shipping costs to anywhere in the world except for when a customer requests International Courier, EMS Or International Registered Post Services. If you prefer your item shipped by any of these Methods, E-Mail us and we’ll give you a quote.